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Testimonials Review--Thank you!


August 2017

Hi Branden,
We can't thank you, and your Team, enough for helping  make  our Rocky Point dream house a reality! We especially appreciated how Reyna spent several Saturdays walking through the contract with us to help us with our concerns.  It was also a huge help when you furnished information for electric, Internet and even someone to come and install refrigeration in August. What a Blessing!  We will be referring anyone buying in Rocky Point to you with kudos!
Thank  you
Harry  and  Jackie 

January 2017

I wanted to take a moment to write and share my experience with RE/MAX Legacy and Branden  MacKenzie.  My wife and I have enjoyed vacation trips to Rocky Point Mexico since the mid 90's. Back then, we never dreamed we might one day be in a position to consider a home in such a beautiful place.  As we all go on our life journey and we slowly progress towards retirement, it's only normal to start considering the possibilities of crafting a lifestyle that provides landmarks for ourselves and our families to build from.  For us, a beachfront home offers a lifestyle that leverages the very best moments of the day, sunrise and sunset.  I knew that landing a deal that we could afford seemed like a real stretch for us, and I remembered the boom that took place pre 2008 and the prices that came with it.  One could only hope that there was still a chance to get in the game before this town meets its true potential.  We took a calculated approach and leaned on the experience of Branden and his team.  Our budget is built on practicality, and I am a simple family man with an average income.  We needed someone who would go the extra mile to find us a space in this fabulous place.  Branden went to work right away, and before I knew it, we were out looking at multiple possibilities for achieving what seemed like a long shot.  It didn't take long before my wife and I realized that we were in the midst of a true soldier, and we were on a mission.  Branden helped us locate the best deal for us that we could actually achieve and the team went to work.  We all know that buying in Mexico is different than buying in the U.S., and it takes expert knowledge to make an unfamiliar process feel easy.  Branden and the RE/MAX team have all of that handled and then some.  There is no way that this writing can illustrate the level of performance that my wife and I encountered throughout our transaction.  For those of you who can remember when a deal was a deal, and a handshake actually meant something, that's what I am referring to.  This guy is for real, his team is legitimate, and I'm damn proud that we met him.  I've never once written a reference on the internet, I hope it offers you value.

Jeff & Linda Passantino

November 5th, 2016

Branden Mckenzie was awesome throughout our whole house hunting experience . He patiently showed us all the house we wanted to see . Many of them several times . He also showed us ones he thought would be of interest and availability .
Branden introduced us to the best shrimp tacos.
His knowledge and love of Puerto Penasco  was a tremendous help. He helped with solving problems and questions after closing on our
We would recommend using Branden without any reservation. Remax is a great team .
Lisa and Kirk Reese

July 23rd, 2016.

Buying a home in Mexico was something we wanted to do for a long time.  We just didn't know how to go about it.
Branden was made for this.  We are very happy with all the work that Branden and his team have done for us during and after the process of purchasing our Rocky Point beach home.
They were able to make our dream come true with as little pain as possible!  Everything flowed smoothly with only a few bumps which were easily overcome.  We could not be happier!
We would absolutely recommend Branden & his team to our family, friends and anyone looking to purchase their dream in Mexico.

Victor and Mary Martinez
International Homeowners!

We have been looking to buy a second home in Mexico for over 10 years.  We have traveled all over Mexico and every time we check out the local real estate.  About two years ago Puerto Panasco came into our radar and we were fortunate enough to connect with Branden MacKenzie.  He started emailing us properties and was always there to answer our questions.  We never got the feeling that maybe after two years he thought we were just wasting his time. Oct. 2014 we decided to finally go in person and check out Puerto Penasco and we fell in love.  It was the perfect match of affordability, luxury and potential.  His wife Reyna also helped us with facilitating the closing of our villa at Las Palmas and she was so patient with us.  We had more questions than answers initially.  Buying in Mexico can seem very overwhelming because it is a totally different process than buying real estate in the states.  I own a real estate franchise and probably hold other realtors to a higher standard than most people do and Branden went above and beyond even my expectations.  Reyna was there to answer every question thoroughly with her knowledge and expertise that proved to be invaluable.

I would highly recommend both Reyna and Branden to anyone looking to invest in Puerto Penasco real estate. We wanted a second home that would pay for itself, and that is exactly what was delivered for a price that made sense to us.  Now we just literally pinch ourselves every time we walk into our beach front villa.

Thanks MacKenzie Team – You guys Rock!!!

Dawn Heilbrun, Owner

Designated Broker

John L. Scott Real Estate


AWESOME!  We're so glad it went well!

I don't know if there is anything more personal, more stress filled or even scary than selling a home.  As you know Branden, we've had several experiences buying and selling and both Mike and I agree we have never worked with anyone more professional than you and your group. 

You couldn't have done more to make sure our condo sold and we appreciate your efforts so very much!  Reyna has been patient and makes sure everything is exactly right, not an easy task anywhere.

We wish you and  yours continued success as Rocky Point grows and changes.  Your honesty and integrity will always be appreciated by your customers!

We're going to miss that little piece of paradise and especially many wonderful people like you!  We'll keep in touch, send pictures of our new home too.

Thank you again for being you!

Mike and Pat and Maggie too

September 15, 2014

Branden , Has more character than any agent I have worked with including all the agents in the U.S.A they I have dealt with and I'm a agent in California for 32 years !  John Fewer

September 12, 2014

Dear Branden,

Thank you so much for all of your hard work! It was a long journey but you found us the right condo at the Princesa with the right terms. We love our condo and look forward to spending as much time there as possible.

How many properties did we look at? It seemed like a hundred! Your persistence and can-do attitude really paid off for us. We will certainly recommend you to our friends and family. We have worked with other Realtors in the past but none were as knowledgeable about their market as you. The knowledge you possess about the market in Rocky Point would be invaluable to anyone who is thinking of investing in real estate there.

And we must mention Reyna. Her expertise in getting out deal closed blew us away. The experience she brings to the table cannot be overstated. Buying property in Mexico can be somewhat daunting to Americans. She knows how to really get things done in terms of doing business in Mexico and she made it easy for us.

In closing, let us say what a pleasure it was working with you and Reyna. You provide excellent service with a smile and your future clients will be fortunate to have you and Reyna on their team. We will let you know when we will be in town and hopefully we can get together for some of those wonderful shrimp tacos at El Conchal!

All the best,

Les y Ann Adkins

We had talked with Branden MacKenzie a year prior about selling our current home.  We decided to wait on that but knew when it was the right time, that he was the Realtor that we wanted to help us with the process.  We decided to list our home and at the same time decided to purchase a condo. Brandon was the only choice. He was very helpful answering all of our questions. He was great at negotiating the best deal for us and was also very knowledgeable about the process of purchase.  He went above and beyond to help us find the perfect property for us and we couldn't be happier.
We also had the benefit of working with Reyna Molina in the Trust Department in regards to the paperwork and closing. She was very prompt and quick to respond to our questions. She was determined to help us with the whole closing process.  There were many challenges and time constraints, however, she stayed calm and help all parties involved in getting the process completed.  We don't believe that the sale would have been completed if it weren't for her.  She is amazing!
We not only found a great Realtor but we made new friends.  We would recommend Branden, Reyna and Remax to anyone that is looking to buy or sell a home or condo. 
Ted and Kelli

I started looking at condos in Rocky Point in the spring of 2012. Branden from Re/Max Legacy was quick to answer any questions or concerns. Branden followed up with many condos that fit my need and budget, never pressuring me along the process. Branden possesses great knowledge of the market and Rocky Point.  I purchased a condo in the Princesa in August of 2012. Thanks to Reyna, the closing process was quick and easy, unlike closing on a home in the US. Branden contacted me several times after the purchase to ensure customer satisfaction. Oh, by the way he guided me through another condo purchase in April of this year. My wife and I have become good friends of Branden and Reyna and they are in constant contact to see how we are doing.
Very pleased

Branden MacKenzie has given us the best service we have ever received from a realtor.  During our purchase he became not only our right hand but our good friend.  Branden consistently went over and above the call to make sure that any of our concerns were immediately addressed and was very patient as I continued to send request after request for more information.  His replies were always timely and accompanied with good humor which allowed me to feel comfortable asking everything I wanted to know.  On several occasions Branden ran out to the unit on short notice and took lots of pictures for me of under sinks, on rooftops, everything I could ask.  How does somebody get comfortable buying a piece of real estate in a foreign country?  They hire somebody who knows the ropes, cares about the project as well as the people and anticipates their needs.  We foumd all of that and more with Branden.  Once our property had been selected Branden turned us over into Reyna's capable hands.  Reyna was great at providing complete and detailed cost breakdowns and projections for every expense that we would incur.  Her attention to detail and ability to communicate all of the differences between United States and Mexican real estate law were invaluable.  She was very patient as I worked to wrap my head around the nature of the purchase/Trust/LLC deal.  I cannot thank them enough for helping us to make our dream a reality and for befriending us at the same time.
Cannon, Susan & Jacob Wood
Paradise in Penasco

Dick & Allison Sprague

January 11, 2011

We have been vacationing in Puerto Penasco a few years, including one Christmas and a New Year's at the Las Palomas Resort.  So taken with  Rocky Point, we looked at property.  In May 2010 we met with Rommel Bustamante to show us some homes.  He spent the day showing us different areas.  One of them in "Las Conchas" really spiked our interest.

In August we sold our home in Arizona and moved to our home in Puerto Penasco.  Making this move out of the United States was about to change our lives....the way of doing business, owning property, another language.

Buying insurance, setting up utilities, mail, phone service and finding an awesome butcher would not have been possible without the vast knowledge and resources of the ReMax Legacy Team.  Branden and Rommel made sure we were ready to start a new life.  Also we needed to re-model, which we got great referrals to manage.  Each time we thought we hit a road block, the ReMax Team stepped up to help in a successful journey.

If it weren't for the efforts of Rommel & Branden and the ReMax Team, we would not be watching the sunsets from our front porch, with a glass of wine, overlooking the Sea of Cortez.

Our dream is now a reality thanks to the ReMax Team.

Reyna Molina – Head of RE/MAX Trust Department

I can’t thank you enough for all your help, attention and kindness during the sale of my condo. I honestly don’t think the deal would have gone through if it weren’t for you. Your experience, knowledge and high level of service were apparent throughout the process and your great people skills saved the day.

Not only are you extremely competent, you are a pleasure to work with. I would only work with you on future transactions. I am very grateful to you and everyone at your ReMax office.

Best Regards!

Ellan Bolland


Safe to say with House Hunters International being in Rocky Point Multiple times the future looks bright for our beach front community!