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Our Unique RE/MAX Rocky Point Value

In this opportunity of Rocky Point I thinks the Jones are alive and well. While many follow the masses I am constantly reminded it is not how many people we serve but more importantly the people we serve and how we serve them.

The point is this is more than a business for us. It is about helping people live the good life like us on the beach in Rocky Point. For sure make a great purchase and equally important find the right property you will be happy with now and 5 years from now. Not do the deal, sell it and get the check... I dislike that approach. 

Seems silly almost - someone could show up last month start doing real estate and say I want to help you make a good decision... I guess what makes us unique is we have 39 years owning in Rocky Point and 16 years full time real estate experience in Rocky Point. When we combine our goal of helping you make a good decision with experience now - now I believe that is something special.

I read from a book everytime I get to the office about value - here is a quote I like.

Today, all restuarants are clean, all gas stations are convenient, all realtors have listings, and all banks have money.

All things equal, the distinguishing value now becomes your people. 

From - Great ideas

While I know we can always do better as I walk away from our owners meetings with 2 pages of notes on how we can improve - our greatest value to you is our team. 

I would like to thank our team here at RE/MAX for going above and beyond for our clients. I have never been so excited to walk in our office. 

Here's to the adventure the good life in Rocky Point!

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Branden Mackenzie

38 years enjoying Rocky Point - Family bought here in 1979
10 years living and representing real estate in Rocky Point full time. 
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