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Welcome to my RE/MAX Rocky Point Mexico website.  As a family owned business we have a passion for Rocky Point Mexico that has given us the ability to focus on service with integrity. Rocky Point has shifted and now is the time to see where you can find your passion and or investment. If I can be of service to you or someone you know interested in the best opportunities of Rocky Point I would appreciate the opportunity. Safe to say with House Hunters International being in Rocky Point Multiple times the future looks bright for our beach front community!

It is a good life in Rocky Point Mexico!

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April news Rocky Point Mexico 2016


What a year this has been and we have only just begun! While I truly enjoy the opportunity to serve people in buying or selling in Rocky Poinit - this months newsletter has some great information about living the good life! Take a look and enjoy. I also want to say thank you to my clients, my family and friends who have in one way or another influenced my opportunity to be here. Everyday I am reminded how fortunate I am because of the good people in my life. For that I thank you! My value to you video - Click Here!

By the way - I am very excited to introduce my new broker assistant Maria Araiza. Maria is a great addition to our RE/MAX team and company - she has outstanding character and experience. I know together we will be able to serve you better.

"Thank you to all the RE/MAX team for the warm welcome, I'm very excited to work with you in putting a smile on your clients faces as they walk into their new property. Thank you again!" - María Araiza

A. Great opportunities for sale in Rocky Point!
B. Quick links - 4 sale by area!

C. Why you Need "Just Be" for 10 minutes a Day! - Via
D. MLS Sold Report for Rocky Point Mexico

E. What to do in Rocky Point - Bird Island!!
F. April Events in RP
G. For your Arizona Real Estate - contact Grant MacKenzie Jr. 
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 A. Great opportunities for sale

Call now for 2 great new values about to go on the market. One amazing villa and a ocean front 2 bedroom condo. You will be first to know.

Las Conchas S 5 Lt 20 

$ 589,900.00
Click here for details!

Playa Dorado
S 29 L 25

$ 474,900
Click here for details!

Las Gaviotas

$ 155,500
Click here for details!

Las Gaviotas

$ 124,900
Click here for details!

In Town, Kino Blvd.
MZ 43 L7

$ 79,900
Click here for details!

Las Gaviotas 423

$ 109,900

Click here for details!

Las Gaviotas 422

$ 134,900
Click here for details!

Las Conchas S3 L403 Salida del Sol

$ 246,900
Click here for details!

Playa Encanto M33 L8 1/8

$ 109,900
Click here for details!

Las Palomas Topaz 108

$ 389,900

Click here for details!

Playa Encanto
M15 L13

$ 99,500

Click here for details!

Playa Encanto M43 L11

$ 248,990
Click here for details!

Las Conchas S9 L20

$ 329,000
Click here for details!

Las Conchas S3 L342

Sale Pending!


Click here for details!

  Las Conchas Sec.1 Lt.131 ocean view, corner lot 2 story - Click Here!

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Amazing views from new ground floor 3 bedroom end unit and to the right - serenity from the new beach front home!!



Bella Sirena - Sonoran Spa - Sonoran Sea - Sonoran Sun - Sonoran Sky

Las Palmas - Las Palomas - Princesa - Las Gaviotas - Pinacate - Esmeralda

Puerta Privada - Encanto Living - Luna Blanca Costa Diamante

Other Beach Areas

Las Conchas - Playa Encanto - Playa La Jolla Mirador - Sandy Beach

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C. Why you Need "Just Be" for 10 Minutes a Day
Another great article from Success. To me life continues to be a wonderful challenge of balance.
Being in the moment is truly a success.  I hope this article speaks to you in someway as it did to
me. A couple parts that stood out were being in the moment and how technology can be a
blessing and a curse. Recently on the being in the moment side – while sitting outside I watched
my son play with the slip and slide. I attempted to show him how and realized … don’t do that or
run faster. After I just sat listening to Johnny Cash and watching him. There was no where else I
wanted to be. Hope you enjoy and with all the life going on – I hope you enjoy the moment!

For the entire article visit Success Mag - Click here!

D. Sold recenty in Rocky Point Mexico

Not sure about you but beyond what is for sale I am always interested... curious to review what has recently been taken advantage of.



Rocky Point has a lot of natural beauties that you cannot find in other part of the world, starting with the fact that we are surrounding by the sea and desert.This gives the region a lot of biodiversity and different activities to enjoy during your stay.

Bird Island tour is one of the must during a trip to Rocky Point; you will be surrounded by a breathtaking view of the Sea of Cortez, such as the biggest colony of sea lions in the region. You can also enjoy of watching another animals like dolphins, dodo birds and if you’re lucky enough, a sea cow, and specie in danger.

During this tour you can either stay on the boat or get a dive into the sea and snorkel a few steps away from the sea lions. Definitely, a one-time life experience.

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April 8 Craft Classes & Art Shell Workshop @ 12:00 - 5:00 pm - SeaDebris
April 9 CBSC Horseshoe Tournament @ All Day - Club House in Cholla Bay
April 9 JJ's 1 Club Open @ All Day - JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay
April 9 Natural History Talk @ 4:00 pm - CEDO Las Conchas
April 9 Bilingual Chat with author William C. Gordon @ 11:00 am - Municipal Auditorium
April 12 Tuesday Night Art Flick @8:00 pm - Cafe Puerto Viejo
April 14-17 CBSC 61st Annual Fishing Derby @ All Day - Enter at Radio Shack (boat ramp) next to JJ's
April 16 Mermaids Art Market @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
April 16 Race Car Experience @11:00 am - 3:00 pm - Rocky Point Speedway
April 16 The Black Moods @9:00 pm - Banditos
April 21 Connection Club @ 4:00 pm - Puesta del Sol Restaurant
April 22 D.L. Marble @ 8:00 pm - Banditos
April 23 Cabalgata Costera & Turistica 2016 @ All Day
April 23 International Jazz Day Festival @ All Day
April 24 The Color Run @ 8:30 am
April 30 Rocky Point Triathlon
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G. GRANT MACKENZIE JR. RE/MAX Platinum Living Arizona

For all your Phoenix and Scottsdale Real Estate needs contact someone you can trust. Call Grant MacKenzie Jr. for more information be it buying, selling and or leasing - believe me you are in good hands!

Grant N. MacKenzie
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We have been looking to buy a second home in Mexico for over 10 years.  We have traveled all over Mexico and every time we check out the local real estate.  About two years ago Puerto Panasco came into our radar and we were fortunate enough to connect with Branden MacKenzie.  He started emailing us properties and was always there to answer our questions.  We never got the feeling that maybe after two years he thought we were just wasting his time. Oct. 2014 we decided to finally go in person and check out Puerto Penasco and we fell in love.  It was the perfect match of affordability, luxury and potential.  His wife Reyna also helped us with facilitating the closing of our villa at Las Palmas and she was so patient with us.  We had more questions than answers initially.  Buying in Mexico can seem very overwhelming because it is a totally different process than buying real estate in the states.  I own a real estate franchise and probably hold other realtors to a higher standard than most people do and Branden went above and beyond even my expectations.  Reyna was there to answer every question thoroughly with her knowledge and expertise that proved to be invaluable.

I would highly recommend both Reyna and Branden to anyone looking to invest in Puerto Penasco real estate. We wanted a second home that would pay for itself, and that is exactly what was delivered for a price that made sense to us.  Now we just literally pinch ourselves every time we walk into our beach front villa.

Thanks MacKenzie Team – You guys Rock!!!

Dawn Heilbrun, Owner

Designated Broker
John L. Scott Real Estate

Hope you all enjoyed this months newsletter! 

If you or someone you know is interested in Rocky Point I am here to help!

Right people for the right reasons at the right time!!
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Safe to say with House Hunters International being in Rocky Point Multiple times the future looks bright for our beach front community!